Tetyana Mishchuk

child neurologist, Head of the Early Intervention Department, Children’s Rehabilitation Centre “Dzherelo”, Lviv, Ukraine.

16 years ago she started working in the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre “Dzherelo”, Lviv, Ukraine. This center has been founded by 3 parents of children with a disability, 25 years ago, and nowadays serves as a model of modern social services and as an alternative to institutionalization for Ukraine.
She focusses on changing the post-soviet medical and institutional approach. She does so by exchange of information and other activities for professionals, stakeholders and authorities about the new opportunities of the biopsychosocial model.
Part of her daily work is with professionals working in state children homes for severely disabled children and orphanages to improve the quality of children’s lives. She provides methodological support during reforming of institutions and implementation of new service models.
The exchange of information between professionals and parents and feeding problems of children with special needs have her special attention.