Naira Avetisyan

UNICEF Ukraine, Chief of the Child Protection section

In December 2017, Naira Avetisyan joined UNICEF Ukraine as a Chief of the Child Protection section.

She has a cross-sectoral background and technical expertise in the area of child protection, health, welfare and disability. She is a Medical Doctor specialized in the field of pediatric neurology and genetics. In addition, she has training on inclusive education and public policy and advocacy on child rights.

Naira has a post-doctoral specialisation from Harvard Medical School in the area of developmental pediatrics and disability, she is an author of several articles and two book chapters on disability issues.

In the past Naira worked with UNICEF from 1999 to end 2012, mainly in the field of child protection and disability serving in former Soviet countries, Viet Nam and Syria. In January 2013, Naira left UNICEF joining the Council of Europe as a Deputy Head of Armenia Office. However, in July 2016 she returned to UNICEF as regional Programme Specialist on children with disabilities working in the UNICEF Regional Office for East Asia and Pacific up to December 2017.